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While you are busy with all the other duties that managing a business demands, we can get you to the top. As soon as you hire us as your SEO consultant, in Grand Rapids Michigan we will begin to improve your impact in your area.

Do you still doubt the importance of marketing your business online? Perhaps the following figures will change your mind:
  • 97 % of your target customers look for information online before acquiring services or products;
  • 92% of your target customers choose their provider based on the result of their search;
  • 80% of those who use the search engines to find products and services settle to the first three search results.
  • In most cases SEO campaign ensures a return on investment of 7-to-1.

Our Services

Every online marketing campaign begins with search engine optimization, the best and most efficient way to ensure your company’s visibility online, to draw more customers to it when they are looking to buy and to help it to grow.

In our SEO campaigns, we aim for more than just ranking, we focus on establishing an organic footprint of your business online, in order to ensure its growth on the long run. While paid ads stop paying out the minute you cut down the payment for them, through SEO, you gain consistant exposure.

Of course, our approach and our strategies evolve adjusting to every new update, but here is a short snapshot of our services:
  • Keyword Research - The only way for your business to reach potential buyers is to offer them exactly what they are looking for and keyword research helps you to make sure that you respond to your potential clients' needs by helping you to optimize your business for the keywords or phrases that they use as queries when searching for your products or services.
  • Website Optimization - In order to be considered relevant by the search engines, your site needs an optimized and a search engine friendly content, including adequate HTML coding and many various, high quality, relevant backlinks.
  • Quality Content - Apart from optimization, your website should benefit from unique and relevant content, in order to provide potential customers with all the information they need to be preferred by the search engines.
  • Local SEO – Promoting your business locally is vital for creating and enriching your client portfolio. "Your all the same" SEO can be ineffective for local business. Local is our specialty
  • Analysis. A crucial part in online strategy for your business is constant work. We moniter of everything that goes on, in order to see if the implemented strategy needs improvement or provides the desired results, to provide you with exact reports on the stage of your online business.
  • Sites in West Michigan over the years.

    Why Choose Us

    Organic SEO

    Cutting-edge SEO that helps your website rise above the competition, drive targeted traffic and increase sales.

    Organic SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the only marketing investment that continues paying dividends after spending stops. With other forms of paid marketing, advertising, trade shows, PR, and everything else, when spending stops, response drops. With a well-structured SEO optimization program in place, performance builds with time. The sooner SEO optimization starts, the faster search visibility will rise, and keep rising.

    SEO-Friendly Web Design

    VIRTUALLY ALL CONNECTED DEVICES center on search. In 2011, search engines ran 2.4 trillion searches, or 6.7 billion searches per day. That's alot of people searching for alot of stuff.

    ARE YOU GETTING YOUR SHARE? Optimize your website for organic search and customers looking for your product/service will find you more easily. Capitalizing on search marketing and organic SEO optimization grows your business now and in the future, expanding current channels and recognizing new ones.

    Own a Business? We have a plan thet fits you.

    Powerful Solutions

    The problem facing most regional businesses is the same thing that it has been for decades: Where do you spend your advertising dollars when every genre of advertising claims to be the right one?</p>
    <p>We can show you the best way to advertise.

    Our clients get results.

    Our success depends on your success. Client satisfaction is vital. We do this simply by listening to the needs of our clients and advising them in the direction of their goal. We advise on all media types and have the experience to help our clients to see thru the fog.

    Is SEO for you??

    Almost all of your target customers use the internet, especially the search engines in order to find information on the products and services they need and to actually acquire them. If you are not found, they will go to elsewhere.