About Us

Johnathan Musser
Bryan Musser - Founder.

Mr. Musser has spent his career in the advertising world. His experience and continued industry education started with Ameritech Yellow Pages and grew with the company over the years.

A tech geek with a real world understanding of Direct and Creative advertising medias is the foundation of Digital Monkey.

Guiding you thru the complexities of advertising a local business to local customers in a global media is what we do best.

Web Designer West Michigan
Andrea Peake – Content and Image Development. .

Our Intern is better than yours; at least that is what she tells us. While her academic pursuits focus on the medical, her secondary focus is design and writing.

Andrea's input helps to assure that our final product is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing.

Experience. Quality. Reliability

Let our experience help you grow your business.

With years of combined experience we can lead you down a path that will help your business devlop a solid founduation to allow true growth and stablize in the current economey.

We have a realistic view of the power of a complete advertising program. From Brand Awareness to Directional programs, we make it easy for your community no not only know your business but to make you the predominant choice when looking for a business in your industry.


"I have worked with Digital Monkey for over 4 years. Bryan's expertise, persistance and integrity have added greatly to the most profitable years of my company. You want Digital Monkey on your team"

Tim Veenkamp,Owner